The Title Block Border in Vectorworks 2018 received a big overhaul to make it even more capable than before.

(Title block functionality was previously part of the Sheet Border Tool. The new Title Block Border tool's icon may be the same as that of the Sheet Border tool, but the Title Block Border is a new tool.)

The Title Block Border tool is more complex than the previous title block features in Vectorworks. As such, it will take some learning on the user's part to get used to it.

Complete information on how to use Title Block Borders can be found here.

This information is also installed with Vectorworks and can be found under the Help menu in the application.

Please review the information in the Help files to learn to use the new Title Block Border tool.

Vectorworks has also created a number of videos about the new Title Block Border:

As a supplement to the Help documentation and the videos provided by Vectorworks we have provided some additional information below related to the TBB tool. We feel this information may be useful as you get to know the new tool. The information below is not meant to be a complete replacement for reading the Help documentation.

1) The Title Block Border is an Object Style

A very important aspect of the new Title Block Border tool (and many other objects in Vectorworks) is that it now uses the Object Styles system in Vectorworks. Object Styles let you make objects that share aspects and attributes ("by style") with other similar objects, thereby helping you achieve consistency and accuracy throughout your drawing set, while also allowing you to customize some part of the object "by instance" as needed. 

More information about Object Styles can be found here.

For example, with a Title Block Border, you would want the Project Name to be consistent throughout all of your sheets, while the Sheet Name & Sheet Number would be unique from one sheet to the next.

2) Converting older title blocks into VW2018

Sheet Borders with Title Blocks that were created in Vectorworks files created prior to version 2018 can be "up-converted" into version v2018. Once the title block has been converted into version 2018, you should be able to use the guidance below to work with the newly converted title blocks. Some editing of text positions may be needed, but converting your previous title blocks to the 2018 version will give you a good head start into using the new Title Block Border object.)

Older title blocks that are up-converted into version 2018 should not be assumed to work exactly as title blocks did in previous versions.

3) Be mindful about what you are wanting to do with a Title Block Border. Being clear about your goal will help you get there

  • If you want to edit the TBB's style itself, then make sure you are editing the object's style.
  • If you want to create your own custom TBB, you may want to start with a pre-made one, duplicate it, rename it and customize it.
  • If you want to adjust information that is shown in a TBB that has been placed on a sheet, edit the settings.

4) Key points to know about the new Title Block Border tool are:

• The tool is available in the Dims/Notes Tool Set, similar to the location of the former Sheet Border tool:

• Various pre-made Title Block Borders are available via the Resource Selector dropdown menu in the Mode Bar.

• Once a Title Block Border style (either a pre-made one or one of your custom Title Block Borders) is chosen, you can place it on your sheet. You may then edit that Title Block Border via the Object Info Palette:

• The "Title Block Border Settings" button will open the setting area where you can edit the Project Data and Sheet Data:

• If you would like to edit the actual lines and text locations of a pre-made Title Block Border Style, you would need to choose "Edit Style" in the OIP for the Title Block Border you have placed on your page...

... then Click on Edit Title Block Layout...

... Now you may edit the Title Block's layout. (The Layout area is also where you can add text objects and have them link to specific project or sheet data. More information about editing a Title Block's layout and linking text can be found here.)

• Once you have finished editing the layout, click on the "Exit Title Block Layout" button in the upper right corner of the drawing area.

We hope that you take the time to learn and explore the new Title Block Border tool to see how versatile and capable it is. Spending a bit of time learning the new feature will benefit you on all projects going forward.